About Us

Strategy will be delivered through two major initiatives, recognized as game changers by the recently launched Quality of Life program



Encourage regular participation in sports through the creation of an enabling eco-system.

Attract, educate and encourage people to become regular in sports through enabling and creating community sports groups, supporting federations to increase grassroots participation and developing a network of sports professionals and volunteers.

  • 1,500 independent and financially sustainable CSGs by 2020, enabled to attract, educate and retain participants
  • More than 15 federations autonomously planning and executing mass participation activities by 2020, with relevant knowledge and skills to become community focused and create viable partnerships with private sector sponsors
  • More than 10% of citizen interested in sports volunteering to deliver MP programs


Provide opportunities for citizens and residents to have a healthier lifestyle by working with and enabling national stakeholders to provide a range of accessible places to encourage mass participation (MP ) of all demographics and physical activity levels.

  • 30,000 schools and universities activated through regular sports programs and competitions
  • Activation of more than 500 community clubs around the Kingdom with MoE
  • 300+ events delivered yearly, to activate regular participation – organized in GSA’s 100+ facilities
  • Accessible public and private facilities for the citizen in all 24 regions to practice physical activities