Ever wonder what makes a game tick? How does it all come together? In partnership with Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), GWB Learn will accompany you through the journey. Through gamified activities, webinars and hackathons, Gamers Without Borders will provide free training to those who are intrigued by the development of these mind-blowing games. Want to learn more? Join us on the journey to discover the digits and binaries that make up the game!"

Digital meetups in electronic games

MCIT intends, in cooperation with electronic games experts, to hold a number of digital meetups through Think Tech initiative and talk about the games industry and development, which will target different groups such as those interested in the field of game development, players, investors and even entrepreneurs

Think Tech Talks for Gaming

MCIT, in cooperation with electronic games experts and innovators, intends to set up a virtual forum to present the ideas and experiences of individuals in the field of game development and invest in them, similar to TEDx conferences to talk about their experiences in the manufacture and development of electronic games.

Make it and play it competition 2

Believing in KSA’s youth; The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology launched the second version of Make it and Play it competition, which targets youth to teach them to program electronic games, guide them through the competition, discover their talents, and support them.

Indie Games Competition

The program aims to motivate entrepreneurs in the field of electronic games to develop games that compete with the global games of Indie Game, which target single-game companies to facilitate expansion and access to local and international markets.

Game Development Himma Bootcamp

We built Game Development Himma Bootcamp believing in the young Saudis capabilities. It is a technical bootcamp concentrates on game development by mastering the needed technical skills. For 14 weeks, participants will go through a well-designed learning journey starting from game designing, and unity game engine. Then, participants get to learn game programming which includes characters movement, game environments, game controlling, 2D and 3D sounds, and multi-player games.